Phillip Lechter is an accomplished entrepreneur, business executive, business and executive coach, international speaker and mentor with a strong focus on leadership and family values. Mr. Lechter is Senior Partner of The Sales BOSS.   In addition, Mr. Lechter co-founded Pay Your Family First (YOUTHpreneur), an organization dedicated to providing financial literacy and entrepreneurship for teens and their families.  Mr. Lechter is also the co-creator of ThriveTime for Teens, a finance and life-skills reality board game and host of the show Book of the Week.

Phillip Lechter

Since 2011, Mr. Lechter had owned and presided as CEO of Lechter Coaching and merged with The Sales BOSS.  Lechter Coaching/The Sales BOSS has focused on creating massive results for its clients and specializes in launching and driving new business units and profit centers for its business clients.  Profit centers have included launching new client verticals, building internal and external sales teams, creating new products, developing licensing opportunities and strategic partnerships, driving competitor acquisitions, and international territory expansion.  Often Mr. Lechter is engaged as a C-Level Executive for his clients to drive the development and launch of these new business profit centers.  One particular client achieved 120% revenue growth from $670,000 to $1.4 million in 12 months.  Growth strategies included operational structures, sales training, marketing direction, employment growth, and leadership development. For another client, Mr. Lechter led the acquisition of a competitor that grew his client from $3 million to $6.5 million.  The acquisition included 14 employees in 8 international locations.  As a third example, Mr. Lechter was engaged as CEO for a B2C sales training organization and created and launched its international B2B licensing solution.

In 2009, Mr. Lechter co-founded Pay Your Family First serving thousands of teens through easy-to-understand financial literacy and entrepreneurship programs designed to be immediately applicable in the real world.  Pay Your Family First teaches the practical skills that give every teen the self-assurance to manage their money AND make their own money through entrepreneurship.

Phillip Lechter facilitating “ThriveTime for Teens”

In 2007 Mr. Lechter co-found Community First Financial (CFF), a residential mortgage company with a mission to transform the mortgage industry for the benefit of its community. While operating as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Phillip created the innovative marketing concept Teacher A+ Home Buying Program that matched teachers and other public servants with qualified real estate professionals whose focus was on education. In the winter of 2009, Mr. Lechter facilitated the merger of his team and Teacher A+ Home Buying program with a national mortgage bank in an effort to expand its reach to better serve communities on a national level.

phil speaking 5
International Speaker

In October of 2000, Mr. Lechter joined the Rich Dad Company and served for 7 years as Chief Communications Officer. During his time at Rich Dad, Mr. Lechter lead his team to produce a 78% revenue growth in the coaching division as well as expanding the Rich Dad community from 100,000 to over 1 million members.  Mr. Lechter maximized the following acquisition strategies :  seminars, direct response TV, direct response email and direct mail, viral and referral programs, an online affiliate program that generated over $40,000 a month in gross revenue, online banner advertising and SEO, publishing, print advertising, radio advertising and new strategic partnerships. He was also responsible for offline and online community retention programs including the creation of organic clubs that grew to over 2000 registered clubs in 2 years, interactive blogs and forums, new product development, coaching programs, game facilitation programs, communications strategies, and online web subscriptions.  Along with Mr. Lechter’s duties as CCO, he was responsible for training coaches, seminar leaders, club leaders and individuals how to teach the Rich Dad principles and how to play the CASHFLOW® game.

After receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Arizona State University, Phillip served as General Manager for Alliance Capital Corporation where he was responsible for the training, hiring, lead generation and daily sales management for both the Phoenix and Los Angeles offices.  During his time at Alliance, Phillip managed a team of 18 sales executives and created continuous education and accountability programs for the sales team that increased sales results by 25% and decreased sales team attrition by 75% compared to previous years.

phil football coaching
Coaching High School Football

Mr. Lechter and his wife Angela reside in Phoenix, AZ with their 2 boys. For the past 10 years Mr. Lechter has cherished coaching his boys youth sports including flag football, little league baseball and high school football as well as spending significant time outdoors.