A New Beginning

It has been 1 month since I resigned from my employment at Rich Dad to start Community First Financial. Even with all my training and preperation, I still find the starting of an entreprenuerial venture a mystery. Am I really in a process? It feels like a dream state. Is entreprenuership just a series of tasks and to do lists? Where is the sexy? Even with all the planning and raising of funds, when it has come time to pull the trigger on our needed equipment and expenses my stomach churns.

I think the truely fascinating part is that I still believe that I can do this and be wildly successful. Almost to a ‘t’, our plans and expectations have come real. If I hadn’t already watched The Secret I would have thought that there was some miracle going on or that I was just a smart business guy. I realize that neither is the case, just that my partner Troy and I have been creating what we want. What a novel idea!


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