Perception vs. Cheap

Isn’t it amazing that the simpliest of decisions can create internal conflict?

Troy and I have an office space in North Scottsdale for our mortgage company, Community First Financial, and we have been contemplating on what type of office furniture to purchase. You would think this would be an easy (non-important) decision, but I find myself somewhat confused on this. I remember personally building the first desks for Rich Dad that were in my parents house 10 years ago and so I have been struggling with going cheap, cheaper -used, or reasonable. (high end is out of the question)

Let me give you my 3 examples:

1. Craig’s List – There have been numerous ads for businesses (especially mortgage companies) that have gone out of biz and are looking to liquidate their equipment.

2. Staples – They have cheap yet decent desks that we could pick up

3. USBI-AZ – Who you know is more important than what you know right? Well in this case my Mom (Sharon Lechter) introduced me to a friend of hers that owns an office furniture sales company. the pricing is going to run $300-$400 more per office (with 4 offices to furnish as a start) than staples would yet it is 4×5 times the quality and look.

So we could go cheaper with staples, cheapest by going used with Craig’s list or reasonable with USBI-AZ (or equivalent). My internal challenge has been that Rich Dad was build on Staple-like desks, with the only factor being cost. My internal stuff (or Blair Singer’s Little Voice) is that I should go cheap.

So how have I sold my self to go with USBI-AZ….perception.. We are looking to recruit top Loan officers, and build a lasting company that our customer trusts. We intend to bring in our customers to train with us, as we are going to do monthly learning events for our employees and customers. So is the extra $1200 going to break us? If it does, then we should not be in Business.


One comment

  1. second hand furnature from companies that go bust carry all sort of stress that a new company should not have to deal with. It can really harm progress,stay away from this. cheap is okay as long as you have a plan in place to upgrade to quality as the business improves. go for the better quality or find second hand furnature from successful companies that are upgrading their own. Kim White

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