What Hat Are You Wearing?

Life teaches us many lessons or should I say specifically my wife teaches me many lessons. ‘Are you done working yet?’ that has been a question that has been thrown around at home lately that has taught me a valuable lesson. To be fair my wife is not nagging it is just that she would like a break from her non-stop job, our 6 month old and 11 year old boys.

In this time of starting up a new business and traveling 2-3 weekends a month to lead a 2-day real estate course, it seems that I have been working a lot…no kidding. And to top it off I have been working from home while Troy and I get our new office built out. That has been an adventure with my wife and after a month of struggling to find a balance we have come to a solution.

I once heard a story about 2 hats. A man owned a business and as a favor to his sister he hired his nephew as an employee. His nephew didn’t really take the job seriously and one morning coming in late again, the business owner called his nephew into his office. The business owner putting a baseball cap on that read ‘personal’ on the front said happily “how was your weekend in Las Vegas, did you party it up?” and his nephew responded “it was great, boy I partied hard and the chicks were amazing.” The owner responded “that’s great, I am glad it was a worthwhile trip…so tell me about the chicks.” His nephew then spent a few minutes giving some of the trip highlights and when his nephew was finished sharing the owner took off his ‘personal’ hat and put on another hat reading ‘business’ across the front. The owner looked at his nephew with a straight face and said “you’re fired!”

Why is this story so valuable now, well I now where a hat at home to let everyone know when I am at work. It used to be every time I would open the door to my ‘spoffice’ (Spare bedroom/office) it was deemed that I was off work. So if I used the bathroom or refilled my water my wife would be waiting with Dylan our son for a handoff…so know if I where my hat, she at least knows that I am still on work time. Her only comment now is… do I have to wear my hat to bed at night?


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