Value up or Discount down?

In a time of ‘perceived’ turmoil in the real estate marketplace, it is often a quick decision to start discounting your service. It is interesting talking to Real Estate Agents and mortgage brokers to see what they are trying to do to increase their business. The old adage of ‘great rates and great service’ are no longer enough.

So what am I seeing out there, people are starting to discount their commissions and fees. It is amazing to me that there is a perception that discounting commissions and fees will make someone more appealing to the market. From my perspective, that is the opposite of what to do. It shows a lack of confidence in yourself. I learned at Rich Dad that you should always ‘value up and not discount down’. It is now a time to add value like education, referrals and services that you may not have offered before.

How do we do this at Community First Financial… we partner, co-market and collaborate with others in the industry. We are creating a hub for real estate investors to find all the members of their advisor team that they may need.

Is there a time to ‘discount’, sure…when there is a volume.


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