Monthly Study Group Luncheon Guidelines

When: 3rd Thursday of every month from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm

Where: Community First Financial Break Room

Purpose: To create a space where you can share what you have learned and design a way to apply what you have learned in our business and personal lives. The benefit of group study is you will be able to see through other people’s eyes…not just your own.

How to Prepare:
· Read the materials at least ‘2’ times
· Bring questions about anything you do not understand
· Willingness to answer the following questions…
o What is the author saying?
o How do you feel about what the author said?
o How can this information be used in our business?
o How can this information be used in your life?

What to Bring:
· Reading Materials and notes
· Open Mind

What will be provided?
· Lunch

Who can attend?
· CFF Team Members
· Friends & Family
· RSVP’s must be in 2 weeks prior to ensure that materials are provided and amble time is available to read and contribute. Please rsvp to .


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