In case of a power surge…un-plug

It has been almost 6 months since I left the day to day responsibilities of The Rich Dad Company. As many know, I started my mortgage company but I didn’t totally disconnect from Rich Dad, I have been an advanced Trainer for Rich Dad Education. I do this 1-2 weekends a month, as I have always loved to teach. In fact, when leaving the Rich Dad Company, Robert and Kim gave me their blessing to teach Rich Dad as they always believed that my gift was that of being a teacher.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances outside of my control, some have the notion that it is no longer ‘politically correct’ for me to be a teacher at Rich Dad Education. Hence a power surge, one that the management of Rich Dad Education has gracefully fought off. I truly appreciate their belief that management decisions (i.e. termination) should be made based on performance challenges and not based on political party lines.

Since I can be at cause or at effect of everything, I have a choice in how I handle this. Do I cry foul and play the victim and allow this drama to continue in my life and others (RDE management), or do I take this and use it to create new opportunities. That was when the thought of a power surge came to mind. Just like a power surge protector, over time that surge protector will wear down…that is not the primary challenge. Just un-plug and plug into another source of power. What a concept.

So that is what I did, I used this opportunity to find a new class room where I can hone my teaching/speaking skills. While the cause of the power surge may think they won or something like that, there is no impact to all their power surges if there is nothing plugged in.



  1. I am sorry that you are no longer part of the Rich Dad team. I have always thought you were a tremendous asset and a liaison to the Rich Dad Organization.

    Welcome to the “outside” world of business. It will be an adventure!

    Matthew Chan

  2. Matthew,

    Thank you for the commen, i truely appreciate it.

    You are right about an adventure, and I am loving it!


  3. Mr. Lechter I seeking some advice currently. I paid for and attended the Rich Dad Real Estate Academy and I am really intrigued with Real Estate and I would like to create an additional sources of income from this sector and over time migrate fully to Real Estate. But when I attended it felt like a lot of hard sales tactics and I would very much like your point of view. My goal is to first get out of debt then to invest in long term investments. But I dont know if Rich Dad Edu. & Wealth Intelligence Academy is the proper vehicle to that goal. But seeing as you were an advanced trainer I would highly appreciate your point of view and or suggestions as to a path to get to my goals. If it is worth the $46,000 with R.D.EDU & WIA to get the proper Education then I will find a way. But if you think its not I would really appreciate some feedback. I do know a lot people want something that is like a magic wand to fix all their problems without hard work and effort. I know everything “easy” is hard at first and I am willing to take those steps. I appreciate your time in thinking about this and at any rate I wish for the continued success of the entire Lechter family. I have always felt from what I have read and heard from your mother that your family is good people.

    Best Regards,

    Michael M.

  4. Michael,

    Thank you for the comment and I applaud you for taking steps toward your financial education. I would be happy to discuss this with you though it is not the easiest answer in a blog.

    Why? Because you need to be sure to match the education and teaching style with the student. From personal experience, I realized that there is alot of great content (materials and How to) that is available through programs like RDE? RDE is great content, though the question you should ask is it the best learning environment for you?

    Feel free to email me at and we can set up a time to chat.

    All the best,


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