Boys and Girls Club Session 3 – Visit to Frys

On Wednesday I took the Sands location YOUTHpreneurs to meet with the 4 frys store managers and place their gumball machines. Riding on the bus was a great way to relate to the YP’s, that in itself was a ‘laugh’.

The experience was great, and the YP’s seemed to take alot from the experience. My favorite quotes:

“Talking to the store manager was not as hard as I thought it would be.” – Jose, 12

“Can we place the machines in Taco Bell, they work with our BGC branch and alot of kids that go their that would buy gum.” – Nick, 15

As Tarah,16, said to the store manager…”Do we have to put the machine in such a low traffic spot.”

And my favorite non-education quote…”Phil, did you see that mustache on the manager?” – Kevin, 13

In the next session, we are going to learn about Business Financials and play the ‘PAY DAY’ game.


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