Boys and Girls Club – Session 5 Maintenance Visit

great session last night….

Took the teams back to the Fry’s stores to collect the monies, refill and clean the machines. One team made close to $35 in 2 weeks while one team made $1.50. The lower was because the machine broke on day 2, they had ‘misplaced’ our phone number.

The teams did great in talking to the managers, and remembered to BE FAB. Next week we will write thank you notes to the store managers, count the monies and fill out P&L’s, and also do an activity on ‘giving back’.

Couple quotes:

‘Wow, allot of people like gumballs.’ – Shane, 12

‘Why did they move my machine next to the other gumball machines?’ – Breanna, 15

‘Can we put our machine in a new location?’ – Karl, 15

After we left the store that had the broken machine — ‘We just witnessed the highs and lows of business in 2 stores.’ – Jason, BGC staff

‘Man, people like gumballs, I should let go of my FedEx job and buy some machines, I’ll make more’ – Jason, BGC staff

And of course a non-business bus quote (as a mumble) ‘I am chewing 10 gumballs right now.’ – Hayden – 15. (note to self – don’t give out any of the product anymore.)


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