Do your goals pass the SMELL test?

With all the acronyms floating around for goals, I have a version of my own.

S pecific – Is it clear what you want to accomplish?
M easurable – Can you measure your accomplishment?
E arned – Did you have to work (give effort and energy) for it?
L ife’s L aws – Does your personal ‘agenda’ or ‘intent’ align with good or evil?

Lets take a moment to discuss Life’s Laws. These are the general principles that rule life, the law of attraction (i.e. the secret), The law of reciprocity (give then receive), The law of Abundance (there is plenty for all). There are many others that I have not even figured out but to summarize in a different way…are you being ethical — doing the most good for all around you (self, family, network, physical, spiritual). Or you can look at it as Karma…are good things coming back to you?

Do your goals pass the SMELL test?

The law of compensation.


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