ThriveTime for Teens on the Hallmark Channel

Want to help your teens learn how to “thrive” and not just “survive?” Nouveau Riche is committed to helping teens discover the critical importance of establishing good financial habits now. In October of 2009, with the aid of the Thrive Time for Teens Game, Nouveau Riche’s Teen Financial Literacy (TFL) Program Teachers, Craig Cottrell and Phil Lechter, taught teens ages 13-17 about several key financial principles that can make a big difference for their futures. This money and life reality game illustrates the importance of making good decisions and the effects of the choices we make. When asked what they thought about the game, Nouveau Riche’s October TFL students raved about their ability to have fun while learning practical financial management information and boosting their confidence!

Teen Financial Literacy teacher Phil Lechter looks on as teens enjoy a game of "Thrive Time" and learn real-life financial lessons!

Teen Financial Literacy teacher Phil Lechter looks on as teens enjoy a game of "Thrive Time" and learn real-life financial lessons!

The Thrive Time Game was developed by the Pay Your Family First Organization, a youth and family company founded by Sharon Lechter, that empowers financial literacy through innovative and easy-to-understand programs that are applicable to real-world situations. Through this game, teens explore a variety of scenarios they may face – from getting a part-time job, to buying a car, to paying for college, to managing their expenses and time, to helping their community, to using credit cards, to starting a business, and much more. Teens learn how to thrive through good decision-making and how to avoid some of the potential perils of diving into debt. Teens also learn the “BE FAB” principle, which is an important confidence-building component that encourages teens to stand up and present themselves in a professional manner amongst the group. This game teaches some important lessons about time and money management skills that often are not taught to teens in school. The winner is the teen that not only generates income and makes positive financial decisions, but also effectively manages their time and does good for those around them.

In the words of Sharon Lechter, “Money is a life skill…It’s up to us to make sure our children are prepared.”

If you haven’t seen this game yet, be sure to check out the Hallmark Channel Feature!

The Hallmark Channel Feature on Thrive Time for Teens Game
Tuesday, November 24th at 9:30am ET

Support airings will run on the Hallmark Movie Channel:
Friday, November 27th at 9:00am ET, Saturday, November 28th at 7:00am ET and Sunday, November 29th at 6:30am ET
This game is available for purchase through and Click here to order.

To learn more about Thrive Time for Teens and the Pay Your Family First Organization, please visit: .

To learn more about the Nouveau Riche Teen Financial Literacy Program, please visit: .


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