My definition of leadership!

If you ask 10 people to define leadership…you will most likely hear 10 different responses.  I find this to be my favorite definition: 

Bringing out the best in those around you!

I realize this is not as simple as it sounds.  In fact, it is a constant challenge that requires you to not judge and find faults but to identify the strengths of others and place each person into a role where their strengths are not only utilized but their confidence is raised. 

To be a great leader we must show each person around us how great they can be.  Now I am not talking all about sugar either…some need a kick in the pants while others may need a hug.   The key is that they  ‘experience’ a level of confidence that becomes sustainable and self-generated.  It takes setting expectations and following it up with sincere gratitude to move the confidence dial for most people! 

Why is gratitude such a key element…because confidence is built on ‘contribution’ not just ‘results’.  To say it another way: our confidence builds when we make contributions and we are  acknowledged for them.  As leaders we are congratulatory for results though we are grateful for contributions.  Results may put you on a pedestal for a day, but contributions are our legacy that can last for generations.  

Side Thought…What if we approached our kids this way?  The root word of education : educati means ‘to draw out’.  Shouldn’t all parents and teachers consider themselves as leaders?  Shouldn’t we focus our kids on being contributors instead of just achieving results (great grades)?



  1. how are you. your Topics is excellent
    I learn a lot in your Topics really thank your very much
    btw the theme of you blog is really marvelous

  2. Phil
    You have a way with words, your message is inspiring to me. I have heard such good things about you from Craig. He is blessed to have someone with such passion about life and leadership to mentor him. I find as I grow and learn more that its more about the journey or “contribution” than the end results. I have attended many leadership conferences and development seminars and have yet to come across a mantra this great! Well done, spread the word! Hope you meet you and your family some day soon.

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