Business Lesson – There is no ‘U’ in team!

This was a great story about winning the respect of those around you…

Kristian, my oldest, had a birthday party back for his 8th birthday and we had 8 of his friends sleep over. With our life at the time, Kristian didn’t go to school close to our home, (he went to the school that Angela taught at) so there was a mix of school kids, neighborhood kids and family friends. After a long night (for me), I was making pancakes the next morning and I overheard a dialog that I will always remember.

2 school kids were playing with a beach ball in the house and one of the neighborhood kids wanted to be included. Unfortunately through the night, this kid had rubbed the ‘group’ the wrong way including my wife and I.

The school kids were not willing to let the neighborhood kid in with the game of beach ball volley, and, as he did all night, he started with all the reasons why he should be able to play with them.. After a few reasons that I dont recal, he made the statement to one of the school kids, that ‘there is no ‘I’ in team. The school kids response…..WELL, THERE IS NO ‘U’ IN TEAM EITHER.

It was a classic line and a great lesson, that ‘U’ need to earn the respect of the team you want to be on otherwise they may not let ‘U’ in.


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