Football Life Lesson – What do you do when no one is looking?

This year in football,  I learned a valuable lesson from my son Kristian regarding his mental preparation for a game.  It was the night before the 3rd game and Kristian was somewhat concerned that he had yet scored a TD so I read him a quote from John Wooden. I put the book back on my book shelf and that next night, after the game we unloaded the car to find that he took the quotes book to school with him and had it with his football gear.  Every Tuesday night I would see him reading from the quotes book before he went to bed and he would have the book with him on game day.

He never talked about what he read or even that he read from it but it was obvious that he took the mental aspect of the game seriously.  It also worked, from that point forward he scored 9 touchdowns in those last 7 games.

Watching him reminded me of what an old coach of mine once told me “The things that count the most are the things you do when no one is looking.”

So my question is “What do you do when no one is looking to prepare yourself for the game that you are playing?”

Feel free to answer in the comments section!


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