Leadership Lesson – Make Connections!

It is amazing what happens when you connect with people and they ‘see you’.   Sounds easy right?  Well I have found that it takes effort to be seen…btw I did not say ’cause a scene’ or even ‘be the scene’.  Being seen is all about making connections.  I have always used these simple steps to make a connection?

  1. Ask meaningful questions
  2. Find real connections
  3. take the conversation in that direction

Why can these 3 simple steps be so challenging…because people will more often remember when someone was interested in them verse someone that talked all about themselves.  To be seen we should be INTERESTED in others while not spending alot of time tring to be INTERESTING.  Contrary to the beer commercial, there are very few people in this world that can claim to be “The most interesting man in the world” but we all can claim to be “the most interested” (in others).

Stay INTERESTED my Friends!


P.S. Author Blair Singer (SalesDogs) like to say it this way: “Go into their world first”!


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