It is ok to care, just not to carry!

As a builder and coach of business owners, I have always walked a thin line between caring and carrying.  Have you ever been in a situation or seen someone help another, by taking on the problems of the other as their own?

This has come up a lot while coaching people how to start and grow their business…especially in Real Estate. I come from the belief that we should work a business based on the ‘numbers’ and not solely by the heart. Does that mean that you can’t care and do well for others? Not at all.
It means we have to make sure that we win and they win. We solve their problems, and make sure we make a profit or a return.

This happens all the time in life when we ‘self sacrifice’ for others. If I truly live by the principle of abundance then I should be able to create a win for each.

Even inside me, I get caught between caring and carrying…I have to challenge myself daily to make sure I am making good decisions in ‘everyones‘ best interest.


One comment

  1. Phillip, you were born to care. That’s what makes you stand out, not only as a business person, but also as a human being and a friend!

    Don’t let anybody talk you out of freely and openly applying it to family, friends and business associates. You provide the model for the rest of us to follow. That is your gift – and those of us on the receiving end thank you!

    With love and respect!

    Bob Landi

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