How much do you invest…in yourself?

So, how much do you invest in yourself?  Here are 4 Key areas to look at…and yes this is all about you!

1.  Your Health – I have noticed that when I work out and eat good foods that I have significantly more energy, drive and love.  So what time and $ are you investing in your health?

2. Your Presence – This may very well be aligned with your religion and spirituality. We have to consciously invest everyday in being ‘present’ every moment.

3. Your Knowledge – What actions are you taking everyday to grow your knowledge?  Reading books,listening to audios and attending seminars/webinars are of high value…though the most value comes from the areas that you lead and teach.

4. Your Network -The old adage of “Who you know is more important than what you know” is so true.  What time and energy are you devoting to building your networks.

Interested in investing in yourself?  Take the 72 Day Personal Development Challenge….get a copy of  ELAVATE Today!


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