Excerpt from: GLOBAL BANK ACADEMY Newsletter 7.27.2014

This weekly feature on coaching is from our awesome Vice President, Phil Lechter. Phil has a tremendous background in coaching, beginning with the Rich Dad organization over 14 years ago and stretching into creating his own business coaching firm.

Are you working on unimportant distractions?

One of the best parts about understanding BANK as a coach is that your primary code tends to easily identify the distractions that may take you off course.  Whether it is an ‘A’s’ shinny new opportunity, or a ‘B’s’ creation of a better plan, a ‘N’s’ desire to assist another or a ‘K’s’ thirst for the “how to,” these are so often the distractions that take us away from achieving our desired outcome.

This week I recommend that you write down all the activities that you are doing that do not make you a profit.  Then I want you to see if these activities are really serving your business.

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