Excerpt from: Global BANK Academy Newsletter 8.3.2014

This weekly feature on coaching is from our rock star Vice President, Phil Lechter. Phil has a tremendous background in coaching, beginning with the Rich Dad organization over 14 years ago and stretching into creating his own business coaching firm.

More of “Your Fortune is in Your Follow Up!”

Harvard Business Review did a study to find the ideal response time to a cold lead (new to you or your Brand) that shows interest by completing an online form, taking a survey, etc. What they discovered was that leads that were contacted within 1 hour were 7 times more likely to answer/respond than if that same contact took place within 2 hours.  In the case of waiting 24 hours or more to respond, they found there was a 60 TIMES difference in having a meaningful conversation.  Even more amazing, of the companies they surveyed, 37% of all leads generated never got a response.

So, is it time to re-evaluate your follow up plan?

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