Excerpt from: GLOBAL BANK ACADEMY Newsletter 8.17.2014

This weekly feature on coaching is from our rock star Vice President, Phil Lechter. Phil has a tremendous background in coaching, beginning with the Rich Dad organization over 14 years ago and stretching into creating his own business coaching firm.

A Focus on Mindset!

This is the perfect week to take a look at yourself to determine in any given situation if you are being a problem starter or a solution provider.  Albert Einstein said “Problems cannot be solved from the same level of thinking that caused them.”  To expand on that in B.A.N.K. thinking, often to become a problem solver we need to switch between codes.  Another example of that is from the Author Daniel Pink who wrote the books “Drive” and “A Whole New Mind.” He said that to truly access your greatness, you needed to utilize your entire mind, not just the left brain (logic, math, linear thinking, etc.) or your right brain (creative, emotional, etc.).

Make the commitment this week to be a ‘problem solver’ and switch between codes to overcome any problems and challenges in your way!

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