Powerful Presentations – Tip #2

As a speaker have you ever lost the audience?  Have you been in a situation that you were unable to connect or get the audience on your side? When you look back and reflect on those situations, most of the times we can now see the cues and clues that your audience, whether big or small, were not connecting to you.  Here are 7 points that will help you deliver a powerful presentation and better connect to your audience.

  1. Build a connection with a personal story. Let’s face it, your audience is more likely to listen to what you have to say if they know you are credible. And it’s not about a lengthy introduction with your career highlights or credentials.Insteadstart your presentation by establishing credibility before you give them information.  You can use a short story about your background that not only focuses on a few of your successes, but also a learning opportunity or a failure that makes you real and humble.  Make a point about establishing credibility — don’t just hope it happens.

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