Powerful Presentations – Tip #4

As a speaker have you ever lost the audience?  Have you been in a situation that you were unable to connect or get the audience on your side? When you look back and reflect on those situations, most of the times we can now see the cues and clues that your audience, whether big or small, were not connecting to you.  Here are 7 points that will help you deliver a powerful presentation and better connect to your audience.

  1. Knowing the math in communication. In communication 7, 38, and 55 are the key numbers to know. This comes from Dr. AlbertMehrabian(Mer-A-B-IAN) research about communication. Dr. Mehrabian discovered that out of communication 7% are words, 38% are voice (tone, speed, volume) and 55% is body language. Whether you believe these figures to be accurate or not, they do represent some very important points, focus your energy on tone and body language and let the words follow.

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