“Phil has proven to be an excellent coach, mentor and friend.  From the very beginning, it was quite apparent, that here was an individual who truly desired to help me achieve success.  He listens attentively without judgement; focuses on solutions versus problems; and is professional while still being personable.  Phil is a true man of character and i have the utmost trust in his wisdom and integrity.  The decision to engage his services as my coach was one of the wisest decisions i have made since starting my business.”

– Nancy Younger, Founder and CEO, Developmental Enrichment Centers

“What I like about working with Phil is that he forces me to think differently about my business; he makes me take a step back and look at the business from the outside in.  Decisions become less emotional and more based on research, testing and proven practices.  In regards to results, during the first four months, we have rebranded our company, completely revamped our accounting system, lead system, pricing, etc.  We have saved 10%+ on our expenses and increased sales by more than 20%.  The potential is there to double our income and profits over the next 12 months.”

– Eric Otto, President and CEO, Connect Worldwide

“Even though I had won entrepreneur of the year, had started and sold two other businesses and experienced corporate success, i was still missing the pieces to convert my current business to a point of greater profitability.  Then I met you.   I am proud to report that in the first 90 days I have completely transformed my attitude, my thinking and my business.  Thanks so much for doing what you do.  I couldn’t have done it without you.

– Kim Prince, Owner, Proven Media


“Phillip and I have worked together on multiple projects. Recently, he was our keynote speaker for a teleseminar that we broadcasted across the country about real estate investing. It was, by far, one of our most attended, and well received calls we’ve ever had. Phillip was informative, entertaining and engaging as a speaker. Phillip’s passion for real estate, education and financial literacy is contagious and I look forward to continuing to work with him in the future.”

– Corey Perlman, Social Media Speaker and Consultant

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